Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Ugg Factor

From Marty comes this only-in-Washington story:
Ok, I’m waiting after getting my allergy shot this morning FOREVER to get an elevator. On the bench on the other side of the elevator bank was this woman wearing purple Uggs drinking from a Dean and DeLuca coffee cup. How odd, I thought, it’s not that cold out. Her feet are really going to sweat. The woman soon walks over and makes sure the button is pushed. It is, but she pushes it anyway. You know how we all do that as if it’s going to make a difference. All the sudden, upon closer inspection, I realize it’s Maureen Dowd. Dowd is the right word because she looks dowdy. Short black skirt, green blouse with a white sequined sweater over it. And the purple Uggs. Bizarre. I’m quietly pleased that she looks like a bag lady. The elevator comes and we get on.

The elevator stops a couple of floors down and this old couple get on. The woman smiles to everyone in the elevator as she gets on with that “I know you know who I am” look. But not in an obnoxious way. It’s just clear that she’s used to doing that. It’s Madeleine Albright and her OLD husband. Mo is slouching in the corner of the elevator, pretending not to notice. When we get to the lobby we all get out and walk out into the lovely morning sunshine. Mo never acknowledges or approaches Secretary Albright. I guess I figured she would. Perhaps they’ve never met.


And the moral of the story is don’t ever get next to Maureen Dowd when she takes off her shoes because her feet probably stink.


Verlene Long-Dowd said...

That Glamourous Life!

Michael Kearns said...

Can somebody PLEASE send this story to 1.) Madeline Albright, 2.) Maureen Dowd, or 3.) The Reliable Source?