Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Love

The vinyl dolls don’t just look exactly like real babies — they also feel real. Their bodies are stuffed and weighted to have the same heft and a similar feel to a live baby. Mohair is normally used for the hair and is rooted in the head strand by strand, a process that can take 30 hours. A magnet may be placed inside the mouth to hold a magnetic pacifier.

To add realism, some purchasers opt for a heartbeat and a device that makes the chest rise and fall to simulate breathing.
I am utterly speechless.



Verlene MaisNon said...

one of the women has 600 of them??? Can you imagine how creepy that house is?

Peg said...

I'd heard of these before in the context of making a replica of a stillborn child or dead infant. That is the ultimate creep out. and unutterably sad...