Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tippler on the Hoof

I took advantage of our one-day "heat wave" to go on two walks this afternoon. Lots of others were out and about, including the drinker up the hill who always fawns over Zap and Devo despite having one of those cutesy little passive-aggressive signs asking you to keep your dogs the hell away from her garden. At least she finally took down the McCain-Palin signs.

Today she was sporting a pink ensemble that looked like terrycloth pajamas. I think she was fresh from church, hence the uncharacteristic clarity of her voice. But she's as chatty sober as she is drunk, and today's thesis was feline abuse. As she went on and on about old and abandoned and tortured cats, all I could hear was Sandra Bernhard in Without You I'm Nothing: "Would you please shut the fuck up? You are bumming me out, asshole."

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