Sunday, March 21, 2010


On our way to bed last night, Dan and I noticed that the timer on the dishwasher's display was down to the last minute. We waited silently in the dark, exchanging a satisfied glance when the window went blank and the little "Clean" light blinked on.

I wish I could tell you that it was the first time we'd done it, or at least that it didn't still give me a slight thrill after eight years. But that would be a lie.


Kay said...

I love that it is still a thrill! And you can be glad you have a dishwasher!

Mykljak said...

Believe me, I know. We lived with the original 1940s kitchen for almost three years. At the first Thanksgiving in the Holler, there were 14 people and no dishwasher. The Iglfolks gallantly assumed the onerous task, to my everlasting gratitude.

Anonymous said...

We still revel in our clothes washer (and dryer)... after six years.

Who are we?