Friday, March 26, 2010

Rift From the Headlines

This rift is defined hereby as the gulf between people with extant intelligence and subtle understanding of ideas, and the Sarah Palin-grade paranoids who don't quite understand what the hell they're raging about, but nevertheless do so with much clenched passion, fake tears, guns and a whole garage full of stockpiled bullets.
Mark Morford wonders what it would take to bridge the divide.


Michael Kearns said...
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Michael Kearns said...

My favorite sentence, selected for it's excellent use of both correct language and humorous patois, is this one:

"Obama is doing the opposite: the paranoids are so scared by the guy's untouchable force field of smarts and self-assurance, they're coagulating into little clusters, foamy little pools of resistance and anti-gummint hate."

Thanks for the link.