Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Wheels

Dan got a new car a couple of weeks ago. Today he found out why his department head wasn't as congratulatory as everyone else:
It turns out Todd’s mom has the same CR-V in the same color as mine. So it’s taken a while for him to get over the initial thoughts of dread that his mom is at the office when he drives into the parking lot. His 16 year old daughter asked him if she could have it when her Grandma dies. Upon reflection, she said: “never mind, it smells like old people.”


scissors happy said...

OMG, what did he do with the honda fit? that's (sadly) my dream car!

Mykljak said...

He didn't feel safe in it after an accident. As soon as it was fixed, he paid off the loan and traded it in for a CR-V, which he loves.

The new car looks kind of dykey. I named it Dinah.

Kay Wahrsager said...

I think that is what Eve has these days but might be a RAV-4 can't keep all these things straight. My rental is a lovely Kia Sportage. Had a fit when they gave me a Chevy Cobalt without electric windows. Had not seen a DIY window in many years

Peg said...

Re the kid: she should be so lucky. My almost 20 yr old is still begging for the 197,000 mile 2001 Subaru Forester. And yes it smells but I'm not giving it up!