Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Overheard in My Teens

Mom: Oh my god, that dog is sopping wet. Someone's gonna have to give him a blow-dry job.

Me (smirking): Um ... okay. Do you wanna do it, or should I?

Mom (glaring): That's disgusting!

Me: You said it; I didn't.


scissors happy said...

my dad calls things "jobs" and "jobbies" when he can't remember the correct name. "hand me that flat jobby over there" or "it's one of those wooden jobs."

so, of course, i went to go pick him up from the airport once and my friend shanna was in the backseat, and he moved my handbag out of the way and paused to admire it (i am a handbag fanatic) and said "oh, did you get a new, um, hand job?"

cue me shooting shanna a "you laugh and you die" look in the rear view mirror.

Mykljak said...

Hahahahaha! I would've been rolling on the floor, crying.

Peg said...

You are so mean. But seriously scissors happy has a tale to tell...

Michael W said...

What did he say in that movie..."You're terrible, Muriel"...?