Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kid You Not

I had the following exchange the other day:
Friend No. 1: Did I ever tell you about the list of Toys Nobody Would Buy that the kids and I came up with? We had Tickle Me Hitler and My Little Mussolini.

Friend No. 2: I love it! My kids came up with one for babies, called Baby's First Pincher. They laughed sadistically and pinched each other while making up commercials.

Friend No. 3: Baby's First Hitler would have been better.

Friend No. 1: Well, of course -- I'll never forget my first Hitler.

Friend No. 3: My First Crack Pipe.

Friend No. 1: Ha ha ha ha!

Me: My First Switchblade. My First Chainsaw. My First Speculum. My First Butt Plug. My First Meth Lab. My First Rape Van. My First Taser. My First Chest Freezer.


Friend No. 2: The chest freezer took me a while. I thought it was a sexual thing at first.... But is it for hiding body parts? If so, that's my favorite.

1 comment:

Michael Kearns said...

I had the exact same thought about the chest freezer as I was reading.

I, however, am partial to the "My First Speculum."