Friday, June 17, 2011

Noteworthy Names

For Beau, who delighted in them.

Penny Nail
Kip Fagg
Skip Alley
Melvina Fish
Cameo Smoot
Maybelle Chitty
Hilda Mae Snoops
Trashard Bridgett
Otto Junkermann
Cletus Junk
Dutch Funk
Elmer Bonk
Beau Bumpas
Yolanda Squatpump
Martin Putzhammer
Mark Anthony Dingbaum
Princessikea Washington
Ducky Loveless
Brindle Swann
Covert Beach
Modest Outlaw
Kitty Stalker
Will Chase
Furland Husky
Ginger Head
Shirley Virgin
Hope Settles
Hans Graber
Tiffany and Crystal Thrower (sisters)
Charger Stone
Dreama Walker
Sky Prince
Rose Guy
Randy Pope
Jason Daters
Virginia Beavers
Jerzee Angel
Fleece McQueen
Nettie Weber
Irene Peace
Paris French
Argon Steel
Dale Hill
Grace Goon
Jay Day
Gene Queen
Greg Craig
Jing and Ying Ming (siblings)
Kitty Whitty
Kerry Carey
Penny Penn
Kimberly Kim
Robert Robertie
George P. George
Anita Nutt
Harry Baals
Sandi Hyman
Peter Thorn
Peter Beard
Peter Hunt
Gay Lust
Bob Goodwillie
Jack Boner
Dick Swing
Dick Super
Dick Fitzhugh
Dick Speight
Susan Lower Dicks
Karen Shwab Cox
Muffin Johnson
Phil Pfister
Seymour Colen
Seymour Weiner
Friend A. Hoar

Elizabeth Tudor
George L. Washington
Ethelene Kennedy
Scott Randolph
Cary Cooper
Shirley D. Booth
Dr. Doris Day
Linda Blair
Stephanie Power
Sean Cassidy
Patty Page
Daryl Hall
Jess Jackson
Kenneth J. Cole
Dr. Feffer
George Jepsen
Mary Virgin

L. Allen Korn, podiatrist
Patrick English, Englishman
Matt Hissey, gay Republican
Hubert Blackman, black man
Savanna Steed, rodeo queen
Sean Bumgarner, homosexual
Joseph W. Husband, husband
Troy Dangerfield, police officer
Humpy Wheeler, NASCAR official
Krystal Ball, Democratic strategist
Robin Mahfood, CEO, Food for the Poor
Beverly Perfect, personal trainer and life coach
Rev. Grant Storms, "Christian patriot" and protester, arrested for public masturbation

Rev. Dr. Tyrone Petty
Rev. Dr. James Mook
Maryann Sumi, judge
Filet Minyon, Marketing Executive, Mission Possible "Debt-free Living"

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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