Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today's Top Story

From Kristine.


Peg said...

Oh my god! We were burgled a few years ago and the cops thought it was a big joke, or hoax. It really was ransacked and I could itemize what had been stolen (suitcases and hundreds of DVDs mostly, and cell phones... I think it was our lawn guy. But jewelry and other stuff too. The cops didn't believe us because the whole house was such a shambles. Like when I was 12 yes old and broke my ankle and the ER nurse asked me which leg was it, they both looked pretty swollen to her. So I have canckles! Fuck you lady that's genetic!...we identified the burglars through the cell phones and the cops still didn't pursue it....shoot, who'd've thought such an innocuous funny story would send me into such a painful diatribe? Phew!

Mykljak said...

I believe it. I've suffered various forms of identity theft, and the banks etc. never seem remotely interested in catching the miscreants.