Monday, April 05, 2010


Messages like this make my day:
[A mutual friend] called me this morning with a story that is just too funny. Her oldest daughter is a social worker who has a friend who works with Child Protective Services out on the Eastern Shore. This woman’s son has Down Syndrome and called her on Friday to tell her that there was a troll in the house. She told him he was imagining it and there is no such thing as trolls. He called her back 3 more times to say there was a troll in the house and she needed to come home and help him, she told him to stop watching TV as he was confusing reality with what he was watching.

So then she gets a call from the police because the son had called 911. She told them that he had Down’s and that he was imagining the troll—they said they knew that but had to investigate anyway. So then they call her back to tell her that when they got to the house the son took them into his bedroom where he had barricaded a whole bunch of furniture in front of his closet. When they finally opened the closet door they found a midget (excuse me, Little Person). He was a Jehovah’s Witness who had come to the door and the son freaked out when he saw him and grabbed him and locked him in the closet.
From Colleen.


scissors happy said...

i loved this to. my mom told it to me on easter. she said that my sister told her that she heard it from a guy at a bar - that it had happened to his brother. although in his story, it was his mother who finally went to the apartment after her retarded son called all day to complain about the troll who wouldn't leave and was mad at him.

i really wish that this was real.

scissors happy said...

aw, shit -

btw, i meant "i loved this too" in my last comment. i no how two spel.

Mykljak said...

Damn it! I should've known. Usually I run things through Snopes if they sound too good.

Kay said...

I thought it was real for a minute but realized Jehovah's Witness would run for it, they are wily.