Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Passion Fruit

The ALS Association was half right when it said these were my two passions in life. But my friends know me better:
By the way, I took a tour of the grounds of St. E's [mental hospital] on Saturday with my friend Brian, via the DC Preservation League. It was something that I thought you would enjoy because it joined two of your passions: architecture and crazy people. We weren't allowed in any of the vacant buildings, but the grounds were splendid and the view of the District, Virginia and Maryland from the bluff was spectacular.
That does sound enjoyable.


Verlene LaCrazie said...

I wonder if they had dumb-waiters?

Mykljak said...

No doubt. Most of the buildings are Victorian.

Peggy said...

I was working in DC when they shut St Es down. The huge increase in people sleeping on vents on the Mall was horrific. So sad. And no way to encourage them to come to shelters when it was freezing.

Peggy said...

Sorry. I do think it would be a trip to visit St Es! Passed by it so often!