Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talk to Me

Voices preloaded on our TomTom:

Voices available for download:
Homer Simpson
Mr. T
Burt Reynolds
Dennis Hopper

Voices I wish were available:
Jon Hamm
Kathleen Turner
Liev Schreiber
Isabella Rossellini
Alec Baldwin
Cary Grant
Zsa Zsa Gabor/Arianna Huffington (same thing, really)
Harvey Fierstein
Wanda Sykes
Barbara Billingsley
Jeff Stryker

Voices that would drive me mad:
Wolf Blitzer
Chris Matthews
Estelle Costanza
Gilbert Gottfried
Fran Drescher
Sarah Palin
Victoria Jackson
Paul Lynde
Alex Trebek


Laurie said...

You should hear our other AT guy, Alex, now he gives some good phone.

Laurie said...

The accent is on he, not now.

Verlene said...

I would hate "Snookie's Voice"

Mykljak said...

Who's Snookie?

Verlene said...

GASP... Snookie... from Jersey Shore... GASP