Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Overheard on L Street

Me, stepping into taxi: The Capitol, please.

Driver: What's the address?

Me: Um ... the U.S. Capitol? The big, white building with the dome? I don't think it has an address, actually.

This happened 18 or 19 years ago, but it remains a favorite. I had to direct him across town.


Kay said...

lucky it wasn't me in the cab on the way to pick up some important documents for Thom or I would have been unable to direct the driver given poor sense of direction and a general unawareness of my surroundings.

jos said...

OK you sooooo never lived in NYC, your stories would have been much more colorful. I only have had a fender fall off, a limo driver not know how to get to La Guardia from Chelsea, driving down 8th Ave at 50mph and a crazy one driving a revamped sheriff car with the spotlight thing outside and shining into everybody's mirror overtaking them at 80mph on the Williamsburg Bridge and all the way to JFK at 5am.